Brad Hanson

Dr. Bradley D. Hanson, Cooperative Extension Weed Specialist

Brad Hanson at 2017 Diagnosing Herbicide Symptoms shortcourse (photo J. McNutt)



Ph.D. 2004. University of Idaho
M.S. 1999. University of Idaho
B.S. 1996. Iowa State University

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My research skills and interests are oriented to using field-based research to reduce the impact of weeds on cropping system productivity.  I seek integrated approaches to weed management using chemical, cultural, biological/cultural, and physical manipulations of the cropping system.  I often use laboratory and greenhouse research in support of my field program in order to explore the fundamental questions that arise during the research process.

As a specialist, the research in my program often is done in collaboration with farmers, farm advisors, faculty, and other specialists in order to effectively and efficiently serve the statewide perennial crop industries.

My lab has four focus areas:

  1. chemical and cultural weed control research in perennial crops, and support for weed control in annual cropping systems;
  2. basic and applied research on the development, management, and physiology of herbicide-resistant weeds;
  3. herbicide-crop interactions and herbicide fate in the environment; and
  4. pesticide registration support via the UC Davis IR-4 Field Research Center